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Electrodialysis is an electro-chemical separation process where the ions pass through an ion exchange membrane by means of the direct voltage. There is an effect of anions and cations migration in the direction of the corresponding electrodes under constant voltage, due to the relatively high content of dissolved salts in the cheese whey. When the ions are removed from the solution this becomes demineralized step by step up to the desired level.        


  • Cheese whey coming out from rennet cheese production, acid (tvorog) cheese production and acid-rennet cheese production and UF permeate are highly valuable raw material for further processing and use, that contain up to 50 – 60 % of the milk total solids.
  • Production of demineralized whey powders is more and more important due to the dynamic raise of the demand for the infant products (humanization of the cow milk) and a specific nutrition for the older people. In both cases one of the most important ingredient to produce such a food is cheese whey with modified content. Its production requires to use a modern technology like nanofiltration, decalcification, ion exchange and especially electrodialysis.
  • There is a need to process many cheese whey types at the dairy plants with utilities costs optimization and respect to the environmental protectio.