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This is a filtration on porous membranes with relatively big pore size of  0,2 – 10 microns, low pressure of  0,1 – 0,3 МPа and high flux from few up to more than ten  m3/(m2*hour).


  • Beer production

The purpose to use a microfiltration is to sterilize a culture medium and beer. In brewery a microfiltration is used instead of pasteurization. Thorough this process this is possible to produce non-pasteurized beer with long expiry date, even a few months.                

  • Instead of centrifugal separation and sedimentation

Microfiltration gives an opportunity of sterile milk and cheese brine filtration, and purification of the solutions from suspended solids. This is an alternative for such technologies like centrifugal separation and sedimentation. The final result of microfiltration is, for example pasteurized milk with properties similar to a cow milk.