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This a membrane filtration method where is used the pressure drop between two sides of membrane with pores less than 2 nanometers. Nanofiltration is lead with pressure between 10 and 30 bars. 


  • Process water conditioning, waste water purification

Nanofiltration is used for water purification for further processing when is necessary its partial desalination, decarbonization or softening. With this process it’s possible  cooling water conditioning or water recovery and also raw material recovery directly from production waste water. Nanofiltration is valuable with waste water purification. The type of membranes used in this process can determine a composition of the purified water in wide range. This will allow to eliminate up to 99,9 % of the microbiological contamination. As a result of nanofiltration there are a clean water and concentrate which is 5 – 15 % of the purified waste water. This is a very effective solution due to the lack of water and its high cost, and the water can be reused many times in production process.   

  • Sweet and acid whey concentration

The main principle of operation is to divide feed product stream for example milk, cheese whey (both sweet and acid), juice into two streams: concentrate (retentate) and permeate. Both permeate and concentrate can be used further in processing in dairy and food industry.